Arizona | Licensed Practical Nurse Programs

The Grand Canyon stretches across Arizona, visible from Space and marking this Western state as its home. If you mark this state as your home, too, and are looking for information regarding LPN licensing and schooling programs in Arizona, you may find this page a helpful source of information. The beginning section on this particular page describes what typical LPN programs in Arizona look like, the second section covers some basic job duties of LPNs in Arizona, the third section covers some general details regarding LPN licensing in Arizona, and the final and fourth section of this page lists some schools in Arizona that may offer various LPN courses.

Information About LPN Schooling in Arizona

LPN hopefuls in Arizona must attend a program in order to become LPNs. LPN schooling programs in Arizona generally follow a similar composition of classes, labs, and clinicals. Classes may be either general education or nursing; sometimes students must take classes (such as English and math) in order to fulfill a general education requirement. However, the bulk of the curriculum will typically be nursing classes. Because many practical skills will be learned in the nursing classes, labs are often provided to accompany some classes. In the lab section of a course, students might get to work on improving those skills, performing them on each other or special medical mannequins. An teacher usually presents critiques and helps students advance their skills. Clinicals provide students with the opportunity to take those skills and apply them in the real world as they take care of patients in a medical setting. Often, clinicals meet one or more times a week, and students begin with lighter LPN duties. As time goes on and as students develop their knowledge and skillset, they may receive more duties to coincide with the skills they are learning.

Common Arizona LPN Job Duties

There are many job duties that LPNs in Arizona perform. Three categories may best describe some of these job duties: caring for patients at their bedside, actively monitoring status of patients health, and specialized skills. Changing bandages, cleansing wounds, dressing patients, bathing patients, and assisting patients with personal hygiene may fall into the category of bedside care. Examples of monitoring a patient’s health status might include taking temperature, taking blood pressure, weighing the patient and recording the weight, and talking to the patient and relaying information to the doctor about any concerns the patient may have regarding his or her health. Some specialized skills that LPNs with the right education may be able to do include working with IVs, performing certain procedures with catheters, and assisting with dialysis. Licensed Practical Nurses may perform many other tasks like completing paperwork, giving patients medication (in some situations), and managing other staff. Often, job tasks will vary according to employer. LPNs may be employed at hospitals, medical clinics, in-home healthcare services, nursing homes, children’s homes, and doctor’s offices. LPNs at a hospital NICU may be asked to bottle-feed babies, while LPNs working with in-home healthcare services may need to move patients from wheelchairs to showers.

Basic Info About LPN Licensing in Arizona

There are several requirements that LPN hopefuls in Arizona must fulfill to officially obtain a Practical Nursing License in Arizona. Some requirements and information regarding the licensing process follow; however, in order to view the most current, and most comprehensive information, visit the Arizona Board of Nursing (AZBN).

First, applicants must graduate from an approved LPN course or program. Second, prospective LPNs need to fill out an application, send in appropriate fees, and submit to a criminal background check (possibly including fingerprinting), which they must pass. Third, applicants must register for and take the NCLEX-PN (the standard test that must be passed in order to become an LPN).

The NCLEX-PN is an exam that almost all LPN applicants across the country must pass in order to become an LPN. It is computerized, and each question that is asked may shift according to the answer to the last question; thus, it is highly personalized. Applicants are given a maximum of six hours to pass the exam in one sitting, complete with some breaks. Each exam may also have around 200 questions, and the total number of questions may depend on the answers that applicants provide (but more questions does not necessarily mean that the applicant has responded incorrectly to many questions).

For more information regarding LPN licensing in Arizona, or for information on unique situations (such as if the applicant has already earned an out-of-state LPN license), visit the AZBN website.

Arizona – Community Colleges

The following are various community colleges in the state of Arizona. These colleges may have practical nursing programs (check with the school to be sure about the available of programs).

Arizona Western Community College
2020 S Ave 8 E, Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 317-6000

Central Arizona Community College
8470 N Overfield Rd, Coolidge, AZ 85128
(800) 237-9814

Chandler-Gilbert Community College
2626 E Pecos Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 732-7000

Cochise Community College
2288 La Guardia, Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613
(520) 533-2391

Eastern Arizona Community College
615 N Stadium Ave, Thatcher, AZ 85552
(928) 428-8472

Estrella Mountain Community College
3000 North Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ 85323
(623) 935-8000

Gateway Community College
108 N 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034
(602) 286-8000

Glendale Community College
6000 W Olive Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302
(623) 845-3000

Mesa Community College
1833 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 461-7000

Mohave Community College
480 Central St, Colorado City, AZ 86021
(866) 664-2832

Northland Pioneer Community College
1001 W Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, AZ 85901
(928) 532-6111

Pima Community College
1255 N Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85709
(520) 206-7171

Phoenix Community College
1202 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 285-7500

Paradise Valley Community College
18401 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 787-6500

Scottsdale Community College
9000 E Chaparral Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85256
(480) 423-6000