LPN Education – Things a Person May Learn

Studying to become LPN is a serious thing; there’s a lot of information a person needs to learn, and also a lot of different skills too. It’s not something that can be done in a short amount of time or rushed through. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the things that an LPN may learn in school (this may vary from one school to another).

One of the things that a person in LPN school may learn first is a lot of different information related to the medical industry and nursing in general. There is a lot of information to know and understand before working with patients. Nurses typically need to know general anatomy and physiology, as well as a lot of different information related to medical science and theory. Nurses typically need to know basic pharmacology and also medical units and measurements. There’s a lot of other medical information that nurses need to know too such as first aid, infection control measures, and things like medical codes, definitions, and terminology.

Beyond just information, nurses need to have a variety of skills that are essential to the nursing profession. RNs may need to know more skills than LPNs, but that doesn’t mean that LPNs still don’t need to know a variety of physical skills. LPNs may need to know how to take a range of different medical measurements. This may include blood pressure, the body temperate of a patient, height, weight, and anything else that an RN or doctor may want on file. In addition to taking medical measurements, LPNs may also need to how to perform basic first aid procedures (including CPR), how to actually care for wounds, how to change bandages, administer medications (although some states may not allow LPNs to do this), and help move or transport patients who can’t move on their own. LPNs may also learn some basic psychology in order to help them deal with patients who may be difficult or upset. There’s a wide range of other things that LPNs may learn to do in school, and this may vary depending upon where they go to school and where they live (which state).

In summary, there are a lot of information and skills that LPNs must know and master in order to work with patients and provide a high standard of care. Some states may allow LPNs to do a greater range of duties, and in these states LPNs may need to learn more things compared to other states. Overall, many of the things that LPNs learn in school may be similar or have a similar trend among the skills and information, although there may typically be some variances among schools.