LPN Programs and Classes in Mississippi

Mississippi has produced many famous people, from Britney Spears to Jim Henson to Morgan Freeman to Elvis Presley and beyond. You may not be famous, but if you are searching for information on Practical Nursing licensure in Mississippi, you may just find some of the information you’ve been seeking here! This page contains several sections of information about practical nurse licensing and schooling. The first section describes Mississippi LPN schooling programs, the second section provides information on LPN professional duties, the third section covers some requirements for licensing as LPNs in Mississippi, and in the final section you’ll see various schools in Mississippi what you may be able to find Practical Nursing classes, courses, or schooling.

Basic Information About Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Schooling

Mississippi LPNs have usually gone through schooling programs that typically consist of both theoretical and practical educational components. Knowledge required to be an LPN is covered in classes, from fundamental classes like science and English to nursing classes like nutrition, medical measurements and other various classes. Practical schooling is provided through labs and also in clinicals. In lab classes, students might practice skills they have learned on one another or on mannequins, and teachers may be present to guide and help students as they work on those skills. Clinicals are essentially practical introductions to the responsibilities of an LPN; they usually take place about once a week, and students work in a medical setting during the clinical. They usually start out with lighter responsibilities, but as time goes on and they become more proficient with LPN skills and head knowledge, they may gain more duties. This helps translate their skills into the “real world.”

Typical Mississippi LPN Job Duties

Children’s homes, doctors’ offices, medical clinics, nursing homes, in-home healthcare services, and hospitals are some locations that LPNs in Mississippi may work at. There is a wide variety of locations that LPNs may work, and thus there is a wide variety of duties that might be required to do. Specific duties may depend on where an LPN works; for example, what an LPN does in a hospital may be different than what they do in a private clinic, however, there may also be some common duties associated with many settings. From bedside care to recording medical data, LPN tasks are diverse and span a wide range. LPNs may also act as a source of communication between patient and doctor, relaying concerns or comments the patient may have about his or her care. If an LPN has had special schooling and/or licensing, he or she may be able to perform certain other tasks, like IV therapy and dialysis assistance. Other duties that LPNs may be asked to do in Mississippi include completing paperwork, supervising others (such as nurse aides and assistants), and administering meds via injection or orally.

Information about Mississippi LPN Licensing Requirements

The Mississippi Board of Nursing has specific requirements for being licensed as an LPN. Some requirements follow; however, for information on special situations like being a graduate of a nursing program abroad, visit the Mississippi Board of Nursing website. Mississippi is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, so anyone who has a license in another compact state can practice in Mississippi without having a Mississippi Practical Nursing license. And Mississippi residents who gain a Mississippi nursing license can practice in other Compact states without needing a license from there, as well.

An application for licensure as a practical nurse can be downloaded from the MSBN website; this application is an interactive PDF form. It must be signed and notarized before being sent in along with the appropriate fee. An official final transcript must be sent from the school that the nursing applicant graduated from, and the applicant must also complete an Authorization to Release Information form and have it notarized. The applicant must register for and pass criminal background check, and take the NCLEX nursing test.

Applicants may be required to answer somewhere around 200 questions on the NCLEX (although it could be a bit more, or less). The test is taken on a computer, and the exam questions are chosen for the applicant as he/she answers exam questions. The next question is chosen based on the applicant’s answer to the previous question.

Local Missouri Colleges – Schools & Programs

The following list shows various local community colleges that might possibly have schooling programs for practical nurses.

Copiah Lincoln Community College
1001 Copiah Lincoln Cir, Wesson, MS 39191
(601) 643-8306

East Central Community College
275 W Broad St, Decatur, MS 39327
(601) 635-2111

East Mississippi Community College
1512 Kemper St, Scooba, MS 39358
(662) 476-8442

Jones County Junior College
900 S Court St, Ellisville, MS 39437
(601) 477-4000

Meridian Community College
910 Hwy 19 N, Meridian, MS 39307
(601) 483-8241

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Old Highway 49, Perkinston, MS 39573
(601) 928-5211

Northwest Mississippi Community College
5197 We Ross Pkwy, Southaven, MS 38671
(662) 342-1570

Pearl River Community College
101 US-11, Poplarville, MS 39470
(601) 554-5555

Southwest Mississippi Community College
1156 College Dr, Summit, MS 39666
(601) 276-2000